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Psych screencaps/'graphics' with additional nerdiness in the mix, mainly: Star Trek TNG, Doctor Who, The X-Files, and puppies. Because PUPPIES.


TIM: Someone took a picture of me outside the building in this outfit, walking - I had a cup of coffee in my hand, and my backpack. I looked particularly perplexed in the shot, and it went online. Our best friend called my wife and said, “Timmy’s doing drugs in Vancouver.”

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On Shawn & Juliet in Season 8
Yeah. Roller coaster is a really good way of putting it. I mean, after the big reveal in Season 7, they have to sort of work their way back. What I love about their relationship and the way the writers and everyone sort of played it is that there is a reality to it.

Sorry I didn’t really pay attention to any of those words bc you are both too hot

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